New OS install and cannot access Drobo

(searched, could not find anything; if I missed it feel free to delete this thread and point me in the right direction)

I backed up my files from my XP install onto my Drobo and then loaded up Windows 7 (64-bit). Everything is fine with it, but when I plug my Drobo in (I have the Dashboard installed) and I try and open the drive it is telling me “Access denied,” as if I don’t have permission to view the drive. Checking permissions, I did have access since I’m part of the Administrators group. I even made myself the owner of the drive, but this did not help. It also says the drive needs to be formatted as soon as I plug it in. It’s formatted in NTFS. It still comes up without any problems on my Mac. Any ideas?

edit: I should also mention that the Drobo Dashboard sees the Drobo just fine.

Chkdsk from command prompt.

Just saw your reply Jennifer. The issue was resolved today from what I can tell. I think Microsoft released an update that fixed it. It was working fine in XP but then stopped less than two hours later when I loaded up 7. I did not suspect any partition issue as the Dashboard was saying it was working fine. Just driver-related, I suppose. All is well :slight_smile: