New mac, new Dashboard, not mounting

Just fired up new iMac. Downloaded to the latest Yosemite 10.10. Downloaded latest drobo dashboard. Pluged in the drobo 5D… DOES NOT SEE IT.
Dashboard says it must have 3.1.1 firmware, but I CAN’T SEE THE DRIVE TO CHECK THE FIRMWARE.!.!

Old mac GONE.

I MAY have outdated firmware (which apparently won’t work with my new dashboard update), but no way of telling.

This should be easier drobobobo

Dr. Marco

I’ve been having this issue at random with my MacPro. Some days it will work, other days it wont. Sometimes it may disconnect in the middle of the day. I’m still working through items on my end but, I may end up putting a ticket in if I cant figure it out.

Same issue here. I am running 3.1.1 on the 5D and Dashboard 2.6.5 on my 10.10.x macbook air. Connected via thunderbolt. Wont mount. Works just fine on my 10.9.x machine. Tried calling support, but since my 5D is 4 months old, they won’t talk to me unless I pay. Crazy to spend this kind of money and not have the device work with an OS that was released prior to me buying the drobo.

Your Drobo is most likely fine. It’s Dashboard that is broken.