New installation Drobo Dashboard

Hi everyone,

i have a new problem :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to install my windows xp prof. new, because of an error from windows. Now my question - can I install drobo dashboard without the drobo is connected ? I don’t want to lost all my data, which are on my drobo so what is the right way to install dashboard new ?
Easily install dashboard without the drobo is connectet, than connected the drobo and everything is fine or isn’t it so simple ?


You can install ist with or without Drobo connected, it won’t try to format your Drobo on the first launch :wink:

and alternatively,., you dont need to install dashboard in order to use your drobo- you can just connect it and it will work as a regular USB drive

And my data is safe in the future ? in which case dashboard is important than ? Only to get more informations about space capicity ?

Yes your data will stay safe. You need only launch dashboard if you want to see the true capacity information on your drobo. Alternatley should your drobo have to relayout information on the drives because you pulled, added,replaced or had problems with a bad drive the dashboard will provide you an estimated rebuild time and some other information but even without the dashboard running the drobo will continue to do what it was built to do and protect your data.

Drobo Dashboard provides
[list][]volume drive letter mapping
]capacity/usage information
[]desktop alerts
]email alerts
[]format/partitioning (only required at new volume creation/set up)
]reset (settings)
[*]standby (the closest thing Drobo has to “power off”)[/list]

Drive letter mapping can be done manually, if the OS doesn’t do it automatically.
The others aren’t required for day-to-day operation or protection of your data.

EDIT: Added the last three… (format/reset/standby)

yeah basically dashboard is needed to configure or maintain drobo, if you just need read/write access then dashboard is not necessary

Ok, thank you for your informations.

The good news, a pc doctor has repaired my windows, without to install windows new - so I don’t must install dashboard new.
But good to know that it will be working, if I had to.