New FS to replace original Drobo

I’ve just purchased a Drobo FS (without disks) to replace my second-generation Drobo (think it is Drobo S) which I’ve been running a couple of years. I realise I cannot simply transfer the disks, but would appreciate advice on tactics.

My current Drobo contains 2x2TB and 2x1TB disks and the total storage is 700GB. I have a new 3TB disk to put in the new Drobo FS but I believe I need at least one other disk to get it up and running. Would it be possible to simply remove one of the 1TB drives from the old Drobo and put it in the new?

My intention then would be to copy across the data from the old Drobo to the new, after which I should be able to transfer the disks. Any advice on best practice would be appreciated. Also, I believe the new Drobo will take care of reformatting the old disks. Is this so?

Many thanks

I don’t know if the FS requires more than 1 disk. I expect that it would/should work. To start up, anyway. If you pulled a 1TB out of the current and moved it into the FS, you would have 929.67 GB, according to DRI. That will accomodate your 700GB for copying over. Of course, when you pull the 1 TB out of the current Drobo, it will trigger a relayout. You would want to wait for that to complete.
The new Drobo would format the 1TB moved into it.

Moving the disk pack would be so much easier, but the DRI flavoring will not allow the disks to migrate.

The FS will work with one disk, but without redundancy if THAT disk fails. So use the 3TB to copy the data over without removing disks from your original Drobo, and when completed you can move other disks over to the FS

Thanks for this. I think I better understand what has to be done. I will use the new 3GB disk as the target in order to migrate the data. From what you say I infer that after data transfer I can simply remove the disks from the old Drobo and insert them in the new where they will be reformatted and added to the available volume. Thanks.