New Folder Names

I do not know when this situation began, but a number of the folders in the data stored on Drobo 5N have new names.
Examples on the Top Level (Folder Level
Examples on the Sub Level
Examples on the Sub Sub Level
Where did these Folder names come from and what do they mean?
If Drobo is renaming folders, that is going to make it impossible to find data for retreival.

Gary Dalzell

Hi gdalzell,

This happens to me once, try rebooting the Drobo 5N and see if it resolve the issue. After rebooting the folders should come back with the normal naming. At least it did for me.

While I was having this issue, I noticed that it might be “temporally” caused by one of the installed DroboApp such as Plex. But like I said… a reboot for me resolve the issue and everything back to normal.

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