"New" Firmware?

So I have a message telling me v1.1.11 is available.

My DroboPro is on 1.1.5 - so how can 1.1.11 be newer?

11 is higher number than 5.

.11 is not bigger than .5 though is it. Far from it![hr]
I have never seen a software release use this strange versioning ever before - with 15 years in IT, that’s quite something![hr]
So based on this strange versioning - 1.1.5 should in fact be 1.1.05. Perhaps this is where the obvious confusion starts.

While personally I am a fan of fixed-place numbering because it sorts better, this type of thing happens more often than I guess you’ve seen. You need to download more software. :slight_smile:

Flash Player is a good example.
http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/9/releasenotes.html is older than, because 115 is bigger than 47.

Nero Burning ROM is another example.
v5.5.9.0 - released in 2002
v5.5.10.56 - released in 2004

In a single decimal-place system, decimal rules would apply. 1.2 or 1.20 is newer than 1.14

However, in a system with more than one decimal place, decimal rules don’t apply and the dot is simply used as a separator. So take it like an IP address, and evaluate each number on its own.

Maybe this is why I don’t like when software hits double-digit version numbers…

Before I go on - I see you use WD20’s Brandon (it is Brandon yes?) - I’ve been using them for a couple of years after a few issues with Seagate. They’re much quieter - but I’ve had 3 failures in about 6 month, and I’ve read about the head-parking feature (the “green” element, essentially). How have you found them? I have my Drobo set to never idle the disks - I wonder if this goes against the head-parking in some way. There is a utility from WD to change the parking time interval - I’m considering it (else switching to Seagate, again, or some other brand).

Granted Nero and Flash may be in the same format - I’ve never downloaded Nero and as Flash is an integrated install (normally) I’ve not noticed that either. Adobe Reader wasn’t in that format, interestingly, v7 for example went from 7.0.9 to 7.1.0.

I normally download software where versioning is perhaps more noticeable (for me anyway). Apple, Microsoft, Citrix, Novell, VMware, AppSense, Oracle, Linux, CentOS - they all seem to follow suit.

Binary is of course different all together but I see your point of course.

I agree with you regarding the sorting of numbers - when version 1.1.51 is released it will look like it’s just 1 minor release more than 1.1.5. Software versioning on wikipedia explains my point pretty well I think. Ho hum.

Anyway, better not spam this forum with unrelated rubbish (and more than I have already).

Next upgrade firmware will 1.1.100.
100 is bigger than 11.

This numerical versioning is not strange at all. Apple does this all the time with their OS updates; for example 10.4.11

When 1.1.5 was packaged I doubt DRI knew for certain they’d get to build 1.1.11 (plus their DeLorean was broken) so they didn’t put the extraneous 0 in it. Also the numbers are not meant to be treated like a numerical value/fraction.

as for WDIDLE 3 - i have used it on al my WD green drives and just totally disabled the feature, i have some other LINUX based NAS and the WD drives were getting about 1700 load/unload cycles an hour, which i can easily see putting way way too much stress on things

Rather than dink with WDIDLE3 I just switched to Seagate 5900 RPM drives. The WD GP is a nice concept but I’ve RMA’d three out of four so far this year. Enough with the magic. Besides if IDLE3 has been toggles on WD GP drive they say they won’t replace it under warranty. So…haven’t tried. I also have some Hitachi 7200 RPM Deskstars that have given me good service. It’s just the WDs that have been a problem.

im the opposite, the only time i have ever lost data has been on the seagates when they shipped a bunch of drives with faulty firmware - with R&D like that i refuse to have any seagates in my house

Just a little helpful info. BestBuy will exchange a HDD outside of their return policy but within the mfg warranty period. It’s one of the reasons I buy my HDDs there. They die and I take them in with the receipt and I get store credit in the amount I paid to buy a new HDD (which is typically larger than the one I exchanged). No mailing, RMA, or getting a refurbished HDD from the mfg. They also do the same thing with GPUs purchased there.

Chris…I know. I returned some Seagates with the bad firmware early last year. That’s when I switched to WD. However given how many WD drives that have failed this year the bloom is off that rose as well. I’ve always had good experiences with Hitachi but they’re only now coming out with higher capacity (2TB) drives and they’re still expensive.

That said, WD has been good about replacing them no questions asked. I’m just not thrilled at the failure rate. (I don’t run them 24 by 7. At most the NAS is up around 14 hours a day, about the same as my workstation.)[hr]
Aaron…cool that they do that. However there’s no Bust Buy within several thousand miles of me. :slight_smile:

Mine is 24/7 and I’ve never had one fail

Then perhaps I have a case of bad disk drive mojo. :slight_smile:

The HITACHI 2TB deskstar. I bought two last year and have been using without problem. Then I saw them on sale at FRY’s last month, $109.00 a piece. I bought 2 of them. One bad out of the box. The other working fine. I didn’t know the second one was bad for a week, because I did the upgrade in my Drobo and it was busy for 4 days. When I opened the second it bad. Need to return. And can’t buy any more at that price. But FRY’s had the HITACHI 2TB xl, an external 2TB usb only connector. On sale for the same price. Guess what? I cracked it open and it has the exact same Deskstar 2TB 32mb drive inside of it.

If money were no object I’d have WD RE4 or Hitachi Ultrastar drives in my QNAP. The good/bad of Drobo is that I can use 5900 RPM drives in it and it won’t make any difference in performance. :slight_smile:

If money were no object, I would have three copies of every DVD and music CD in my library.

I’m too much of a storage geek, I’d go with the RAID drives. :slight_smile:

I had to use WDIDLE3 to disable the Idle3 timer on the drives I put into my TiVos (the TiVo goes into a reboot loop if not).

On my Drobo drives I haven’t disabled Idle3, but because I have them connected to my WHS machine, they stay in almost constant use.

My understanding is that the timer is set to a value that results in Windows not having too much of an issue, but because of the way *nix OSes access the drives, the drives idle and un-idle constantly.

I have three versions of WDIDLE3, BTW… The different versions do behave differently, and you want the newest one for the newer drives especially. I posted a report along with where I got v1.05 on TiVo Community forum

Wow, I didn’t know that! I’m going to look into this further. It’d save me ~$5 shipping for each drive RMAed. :slight_smile: