New Firmware -- Support for 64TB volume

Anyone try the new firmware yet??

No chance! It’s far too new and doubtless buggy.

I just upgraded my Drobo 5N to Firmware 3.5.2
I am pleased to report the process went without a hitch.
Of course, the volume still has its original format, which supports only 16 GB maximum size.
I can understand one’s reluctance to upgrade firmware, but my experience has been:

 "No Issues with Upgrade to Drobo 5N Firmware 3.5.2"

I made the mistake of upgrading, now I am having “permissions” issues with my OS X 10.11.2. Working with tech support now. Bad idea…at least for me.

btw sboydman, could you confirm if your 5n is mainly used with mac?
(it might be based on your post here but was just wondering)

Hello pbx4sale,
You should have received a call from the Director of Customer Support. Please let us know if you did not. We do want to assist and get this issue resolved for you.

Thank You.

I am running:

Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.2
Drobo Dashboard 2.7.1
System Integrety Protection is Enabled
TRIMFORCE is Enabled

I am using the DroboApp BitTorrent Sync 2.2.7, which I upgraded from 2.2.5 (which is version in current Frimware/Desktop). I took the precaution of stopping and uninstalling Sync prior to updating the Firmware, but suspect that was not necessary.

Running in a windows 10/Server Essentials 2012 R2 environment.

Copied all the data off, upgraded dashboard and firmware, then did a reset to create a new volume.

Rebuilt the shares and copied back the data, installed openssh and sudo. No problems to report, everything appears to be running normally. Just finished getting sabnzbd running, so that works.

Unfortunately, I only really use my drobo as a usenet download, and not even for torrents as I haven’t found a good way to get the box to run as a vpn client. No idea if I actually have access to a potential 64 TB filespace as I’m currently running with a full set of 2 TB drives. Gonna be a long while before I get enough disk space to determine whether it will bust the 16 TB limit.

Interesting info…

thanks sboyman for the info for mac,

yeah mdnitoil, you’d have to be busy and be burning the mdnitoil to generate lots of data :slight_smile:

(dragon, my gen2 is ‘tabled’) as in, on a table :smiley:

My Gen2 is “shelved”…in a closet…currently not used. :slight_smile:

So now I wish to report permissions issues when mounting shares with apf / when shares are mounted with smb, no permissions issues.

hi another user also mentioned a similar thing with afp and smb here:
(he tried something to fix some permissions, but it might be worth waiting a bit to see the best course of action)

After installing the new firmware and resetting the Drobo, does it default to the 64TB volume size? I didn’t see a volume size option when I reset.

hi dragon, i just checked the releasenote pdf and it mentioned dashbaoard 2.7.1 (is this the same dashboard you have)

I’m running dashboard 2.7.0(77097). It’s the latest one on the download page.

In hopes of clearing up the Dashboard situation, I posted a question in the Dashboard Forum (link below). I would think that the latest Dashboard should be used, but if that is the case, then the download link in the Drobo 5N area has not been updated, leading to the confusion. I would think that the Dashboard, in supporting multiple Drobo models, should always be updated to the latest version, but would like to here Drobo Support weigh in on this important question.

Topic: Drobo Dashboard Roulette

Link to Topic:

New firmware, new round of absolute chaos. Typical! I’ll stick with 3.2.2 for the time being.

I am not having good luck with the 5n latest fw. I am finding major lag when browsing the share from OS X 10.11.3.

Makes sense that one dashboard will support all Drobo models. I upgraded my dashboard to 2.7.1 downloaded from another page.