New Firmware Question

I ran the auto update, and it reported that no new firmware was available for my Drobo v2. I notice that version 1.3.6 was released on 2/3, so I installed it (because it was there).

  1. Has anyone else installed it?
  2. Anyone have any problems? If so, please describe.
  3. Why didn’t Drobo Dashboard report that new firmware was available?

I notice one problem since installation. When I click on the “Advanced Tools” button, in Drobo Dashboard (Mac version 1.67), most of the time, the tools do not open. If I use the menu to access the tolls, it opens every time.

The firmwares are usually available on the website for a little while (often about 2 weeks i think) before they flip the switch on the auto-updating.

The rest i cant help you with.

AFAIK not all firmwares are auto-update firmwares. Some of them are optional.

This new 1.3.6 firmware brings only 4K sector HDD support - not exactly a feature that all users need ASAP …

It’s like PC BIOS updates - not all users need them.

I’ve installed this too. Nothing exploded so far :wink: I’ve noticed that when Drobo initializes, power LED blinks until the drive’s status LEDs come up. I’m not sure but I think it has been introduced with this version.

Have you noticed the problem of accessing the Advanced Controls, in Drobo Dashboard, when selecting the button “Advanced Controls” in the bottom right hand corner of the Drobo Dashboard “Drobo disk pack” page?

Seems to work just fine but I’m on Windows.

Thanks for all responses so far!

Anyone using a Mac having the same issue as I am?

Yes I have. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The top bar icon always works, though.

That is a confirmed issue with dashboard 1.6.7, will be resolved in a future release of dashboard.