New firmware out- seems faster?

I finally got my upgrade done via the pushed firmware from the Drobo servers. It installed correctly and my Drobo is indeed faster. I backup my home directory each night to two different locations in my house. One goes to a hard wired airport extreme with a connected hard drive. Later, the same files are copied to the Drobo. The Drobo has always been 15 to 30 minutes slower until I installed the firmware. Last night the drobo beat the airport extreme by 6 minutes. Looks like progress.

Something has definitely happened to the the sleeping issue.
My FS now uses a few seconds to wake up and I can hear the drive heads “talking” as I wake it. Before it was always available fast so I never trusted that it actually was sleeping.
Im also under the impression that it is a bit more quiet.

Is this on the 1.1.1 firmware? I’m still suffering from up to 20 seconds access time when opening a folder with hundreds of subfolders… This over ASF and SMB is a couple of seconds faster.

I have no idea of what to do next. I have tried most things already and their email support is giving me no help whatsoever. Start to regret I didn’t buy a Synology or similar.


I’ve rebooted my DroboFS a few times since it came out to see if it has the “few more seconds and never finishes boot” issue, and so far it seems to be fixed. Perhaps I’ll sit here and masochistically reboot it over and over for an hour, just to see if it is indeed fixed.

Speed seems the same for me, as does fan noise.

I see that 1.1.2 [4.25.37045] just came out. Anybody know what the changes are in the lastest patch? (I see the /etc/password issue is still there.)


From the release notes: “Solve rare issue related to the file system repair capabilities”.

Regards, Martin