New firmware out- seems faster?

just did a software update, seems to be running a bit faster.

not showing up in dashboard yet (at least for me), but you can manually update

download from here

then ctrl-click "check for updates in dashboard. and find the .tdz file.

Thanks fot the hint waw74!


yep. it seems that it has gained some MB/s performance…

My test with NFS before the update resulted in an average write speed of 18.8 MB/s (drobo half full)

Now, after the update I get an average write speed of 22.7 MB/s

time dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/drobo/movies/testfile bs=16k count=16384 16384+0 records in 16384+0 records out 268435456 bytes (268 MB) copied, 11.5609 s, 23.2 MB/s

They need to update the web based drive space calculators now :wink:

Yep, update went well. Nice with support for larger drives :slight_smile:

Just did mine last night. It seems to be better with multiple computer sending files to the fs now.

It seems like the fan control is better too. After a while streaming 1080p videos the fan blew at his maximum speed before the update. Now, it runs at normal speed while streaming high definition movies.

Does anyone know why its not pushed out yet?
Dashboard says Im still up to date with 1.0.5

Just do it manually. The instructions are with the new firmware. Easy.

Ok, thank you.

But in your opinion why doesn’t DR push the update automatically?

We’ve been waiting since months to see an update (probably with very few new code lines, since all fixes were already implemented in 1.0.5…), and now it’s hidden in the Drobospace area…

Really a weird behaviour from DR imho.

Doesn’t DR really care of customers expectations? Also the idea to keep the forum closed to all non-customers seems something which goes in this direction in my opinion.

More transparency and support to the existing customers, Data Robotics!

Do you really want people only to be a “once in the life” customer?

Sorry, hope this won’t start a flame, it’s simply something i felt I had to say somewhere.

They generally do not enable the firmware for automatic update for a couple of weeks. Not sure if this is to catch any odd bugs that might’ve been missed, or what, but has been the general practice.

i think its what bhiga said.
the notification keeps the people happy who kept pushing to ask for the support, so when they get the support they can add it :slight_smile:

and the extra time allows extra things to be added so that when it gets pushed out, all bonus features (and any bug fixes/preventions etc) are included :smiley:

I have a problem, that I can´t manually update. The tdz file is grayed out. I can´t choose it.
I followed the instruction step by step, but no success.

Thanks for help.

DR probably has only x amount of engineers working on projects and will get to the automatic update soon enough. I am just happy that they gave us the update now to do manually. Its easy enough.[hr]
which OS are you using to do the update? I am using window 7 64bit and it worked.

Snow Leopard 10.6.6
On a MacBook and a Mac mini. From both i can’t do the update manually.

I see they just did another minor update. Now the firmware is 1.1.1.

Auto update is working with firmware 1.1.1
Should make everybody happy.

Firmware 1.1.1 release notes include “Fixed Drobo FS Disk Drive Spin Down support (#10-097)”. What does that mean exactly?

Wasn’t this problem “fixed” in an earlier firmware update? The following thread mentions the same fix in firmware 1.0.4! http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1249

Does anyone have a link to the detailed record referenced by #10-097?

Halleluia !!!
Two updates in less than a month’s time.
Drobo has finally understood that continuous improvement dynamic and regular firmware relases improving both safety algorithms and data transfer speed (as well as probable new still hidden functions activated with thr next revamped interface) is great for Drobo and for clients. It make everything “alive”. It is a vertuous circle for everyone, in my humble opinion.

DroboFS is now “back online” with regular optimizations.
It seems that their software division is catching up their already great hardware division (even if it’s low-level software). Next step is probably a new user interface.

May it last long :o)

Yeah, I’m seeing the same thing. The .tdz file is not selectable. Interesting enough, when I try to do the update from the Drobo download servers, the dashboard says it can’t connect to the server.

This is my first firmware upgrade since purchasing my Drobo FS last month. So far I’m not real impressed.

Did the upgrade now. Reads/Writes are still poor, but it seems to be more responsive. Opening a folder containing hundreds of subfolders now happens instantly over WIFI. Nice!

Fan is replaced so its quiet.
The box is now responsive.
All I need now is the promised 30-40 MB/s.