New firmware has ruined itunes sharing

Since the new firmware I can no longer share my itunes library.

This is what I get in console:

11/09/2009 06:45:47 [0x0-0x4b04b].com.apple.iTunes[5903] 2009-09-11 06:45 iTunes[5903] (CarbonCore.framework) FSEventStreamCreate: watch_all_parents: error trying to add kqueue for fd 31 (/Volumes/DroboShare/0dc081201205/LUN0/Drobo; Operation not supported)

BEfore the firmware the path to drobo was this in itunes and other devices (Such as twonkymedia server)


Now its all this LUNO stuff. Even if I delete the volumes folder and remount drobo this is what I get.

I could blame itunes, but its not itunes, it only happened since the firmware update and further more I am getting issues with twonky as well in that it cannot find music.

PLease advise as this is very frustrating.

You might want to list the various versions of software & firmware you are using to see if anyone else has a similar experience.

It’s not the Drobo fw update. It has to do with the way OSX mounts drives. Under Leopard and the old firmware, I had something similar to what you are now having. Under Snow Leopard i have the much nicer Droboshare/Drobo mount points. 1.3.5 upgrade had no effect.

I have no idea how/why OSX mounts these things like this. Assuming since you posted in this forum you have a Droboshare. Just to let you know how i mounted the Drobo: Just opened Finder, went to the finder Go menu and choose Connect to Server (Cmd-K). I put in smb://Droboshare and picked the Drobo and it mounted under the nicer names. To keep it mounting at startup, I dragged the drives from Finder into the login items under Accounts in the System PrefPane. Works like a champ.

Thanks Glycerine, I will try the cmdK mount and see if sorts it out.

I am reluctant to install SL on this computer just now as I have various programmes running which are not yet compatible. However I had recently done clean install of OSX onto this computer. I tried sharing the library then and it caused itunes to crash. After reimporting the itunes library it worked fine. Then I upgraded to itunes 9 and I am back to square one.


Well the trouble with this approach is it only stays as droboshare/drobo until the next restart where by it reverts to the lund crap.

What ever is to blame it basically means I cannot put my music on the drobo. I am willing to bet money other NASes do not suffer this.

Well if you’re willing to tweak your itunes xml file, here’s one way to fix itunes, probably similar with twonky (i don’t use it). Doesn’t fix your mounting issues, but rather works around it and renames it to the new path.

Close itunes
Backup your itunes library .xml file and .itl file (the .itl shows as just itunes library with no extension under itunes9/snow leopard). Keep them someonewhere else/safe, just in case.

Open itunes library.xml file with something like bbedit. You’ll see somewhere in there all your songs with the filepath of something like “macintoshhd/Volumes/Droboshare/Drobo/itunes/music/artist/album/song”
Do a find replace and change the droboshare/drobo to the lun0 stuff. Basically you’re replacing the root path of your itunes music folder to the new one.
Save the file.

Open the .itl file with bbedit. Select all inside it and delete. Save the file. Should be a 0 kb file there. Close bbedit

Start itunes. It’ll first check the library and see nothing there, then start importing from the .xml file. If you have a lot of music, this could take an hour or two. You’ll keep all your play counts/ratings/crap like that, but it will regen any album art that wasn’t embedded in the file, and redo the gapless info scan.

If you’re managing to mount Drobo on your desktop using CMD K, but losing it at restart again, have you added the volume to your login items ? If not, go to System Prefs > Accounts then click the User Login tab. Drag the mounted Drobo volume into the window, and next time you start up it should find it ok.

Apologies in advance if you’ve already tried this !


YEs that occured to me after this posting. But basically I have given up on it. To be fair apple have taken on the case as well, the trouble is itunes hangs it does not crash so there is very little in the console. There is some stuff but apparently I don’t have permission to read it.

So it could after all be itunes. What I have done instead is install firefly which seems to be working fine.