New firmware for >2TB drives?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I’ve searched and can’t find anything.

I had seen a few people here talking about new firmware with support for > 2TB drives on other Drobo products, but I didn’t see anything for the original 4-bay Drobo. I looked on and saw updates for the S and the FS with such support, but nothing for the 4-bay.

Is this around somewhere? Can someone from DRI tell us if it is there, and if not, is it coming, and when? The original marketing material said that we could get up to 16TB when drives were available, indeed we can format to 16TB volume sizes, so I feel that we are “entitled” to it. I’m about to get some more drives and am trying to decide on capacities, so it would be useful to know.

The Schedule for the firmware releases are in this KB article

Thanks for that!

The link you gave was however incomplete. the full link is below:

Looks like February for the regular Drobo.