New firmware 1-1-11

Good news:

Maybe it will fix some issues.

Haha! Typical the day after i put 1.1.10 on my 'pro

And yes that one did fix my issues!

I downloaded the Mac version but Dashboard doesn’t let me update. The update file is greyed out. I tried iSCSI and USB. None of them seem to work. What am I doing wrong?? I use dashboard 1.7.3

thats a zip file, you need it to be a tdf file to update, you have to unzip it. but i think they usually provide separate download for mac users (dmg rather than zip)

incidentally the two “fixes” in this release are exactly the two issues that caused me my issues last week - how funny that i’ve had it 18 months and it had a problem a week before the firmware comes out!

Are you holding down the control key on your keyboard when you click on “check for updates”?

For Mac users.

It’s not showing up on the support page yet.

When will this get pushed out in the updater?

I’ts available on our website now.

Of course I downloaded the .dmg. Dashboard didn’t recognize the .tdz file. And right now I can’t even click the update button. It says: No updates available. I’m using 1.7.3.
I’m confused…

I think the tdz is still a zipped file, there’s a tdf inside it?

And it’s definitely the right firmware for your model of drobo?

And what do you mean you can’t click the update button? Evidently you can otherwise it wouldn’t tell you that there were no updates available?

Pushing the firmware to the autoupdate mechanism is often a week or two behind publishing it on their website fir manual update, so I’m bot surprised it’s not there yet!

You need the tdz file. You hold down the control key on your keyboard and click on “check for updates”. It will open a dialog box where you select that tdz file.

It should be the right firmware since I have an 8-bay Model No. DRPR1A31
I can click the update button and it says “no update available” and with alt-click the .tdz file in the file open dialog is greyed out.

Or should I try to update using XP?
Any hints?

if you have access to a windows machine then by all means try the update from there

I’ts control not alt!

you should put that in your sig :wink:

@docchris I am tempted, very tempted this early morning! LOL

okay okay, I pressed ctrl and everything went fine. I thought it was “alt” on a mac. I was a little bit confused. Who said DRI doesn’t have a good support… :wink:

Great to hear!

I’m just in the process of updating out Pro to 1.1.11. I’ve shutdown the Drobo and then physically ejected all the drives. Following that I’ve restarted the Drobo, manually updated the firmware (via Control + update) - it reports success and then says it wants to restart. When I press ok though it shuts down and leaves a yellow light on the power light area - and doesn’t restart. I’ve done this twice now and both times it gets to there and then stops. Its not bricked though and reaching around the back and turning it on and off again works fine - though it would still reports 1.1.5 as its firmware version.
I’ll start a support case but I thought I would bring it up here first. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Im having the exact same issue (reboot puts drobo into standby), except mine came back with a previous firmware version and wouldnt recognize my disk pack! Ill be calling the drobo guys tomorrow. very strange