new droboshare with excisting drobo

Hey all,

Just setup my droboshare + drobo. The Drobo was always on my mac but I want it in the network.

So, now My drobo starts blinking like hell and nothing is working.

I really really really hope NO data will be erased?


Which lights are blinking?

Can you give a little more details?

Which lights are blinking? What color are they blinking?

Can you tell us the exact set up you have?

Hi Jennifer,

All lights are blinking. After updating the DroboTools I see that Drobo is doing it’s dataprotection. Very strange, because It was safe and nothing needed to change on the drive at all!?
I also see that protecting the drive takes around 37 hrs?!?!?!? Why is this?

The there thing is that I couldn’t get on the drive… after digging I found out the Drobo now only is available using SMB???

Is there a way to use AFP?

Also I read about the speed. AFP seems to be much slower then SMB?

A lot of questions but I hope you can answer them all?!

So I assuming they are blinking green/amber.

Yes, data protection mode can take that long. Did you happen to unseat and reseat a drive while it was on? Drobo may have thought a drive was removed and replaced. That would cause a relay out to be that long.

DroboShare works on SMB only. Sorry no AFP.

Just a friendly tip, the more detail you can provide in your posts, the easier it is for folks to help. :slight_smile:

There are 16 lights on the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Drobo.
Manual page 15, PDF page 17 of the Drobo User’s Guide (for the sake of lights, it applies to both Gen 1 and Gen 2)

I say this mainly because if it was truly ALL the lights blinking, it would point to something else, compared to the 4 drive lights blinking green/orange, which means the unit is in Relayout after a drive failure or replacement.

thanks for all the reply’s

Everything seems to work rigth now.
I will update drobo dashboard to 1.68 (from 1.51) for the auto mount option

Using Drobo with Droboshare seems to be very slow when using it on a 1000mbit network with Lightroom (canon 5d mII RAW files)… any suggestions?

DroboShare operates about 1/4th the speed of USB. You will speeds around 4-6Mb/s and as high as 10Mb/s.

1/4 th speed that’s really slow :frowning:

Now I understand why it takes so long to save pictures on the DroboShare

I think the system is perfect for backup but not as an working station.

1.68 really rocks! Auto-mount finally!

Yea droboshare is ‘beyond slow’ they don’t put that in the sales blurb though curiously.

what can be a good alternative if you go for speed?

I work with Lightroom and need a pretty fast connection…

I heard about the QNAP Turbostation TS-859 Pro that’s very very fast…

If you hook it up to a 802.3ad router with both 1gb connection, it’s almost as fast as SATA

So I am looking for a good performance, easy setup and upgrade (like drobo), not too expensive


The not too expensive part and easy setup parts are the Drobo’s forte… and often not so much the forte of higher-speed solutions, mainly because the higher-speed stuff is more industrial and deals with networks more in-depth.

DroboPro and DroboElite already head in that direction, as iSCSI is more IT than most consumers and prosumers are used to.

The other forum members here who have QNAP experience seem to like it, but you’ll likely have to learn some new terminologies and concepts before you get really comfortable with it.

I have tested this extensively on my network. I am getting 12Mbytes/s read/write on a gigabit network. A D-Link DNS323 with 2 7200 rpm drives gets 16 Mbytes/s on that same network ( it has a gigabit interface). The router is a Netgear 8 port gigabit switch ( unmanaged, their proline). In short, DroboShare does not seem to be as slow as some are claiming. This is with a 2nd G Drobo. I previously had it connected to a Mac Mini via FW800. It’s getting a bit less half the speed as with that ( got 30 Mbytes/s that way).

If it were 6Mbits/s that would make it unbearable.

The file system is HFS+ on the Drobo. There is probably some overhead between the Linux DroboShare and the HFS+ Drobo.