new drobo user-normal for hard drives to be continually accessed, always 'working'?

Hey all,

There is constant hard drive activity, what sounds like reading/writing, when my drobo is connected to my system. I’m a new drobo user so am unsure if this is normal.

I noticed it after moving a bunch of data to the drobo, and I thought it may be normal as it was possibly replicating the data across drives. But that was long ago and there is definite constant activity even now, when doing nothing with the data on the drobo.


if you have window ssearch/osx spotlight it could b indexing the drvie


if you have only recently been filling up drobo, once it gets past 50% full ti changes the way it layout data so its normal for it to take several days to do that


if you have recently put a load of stuff on drobo its normal for it to optimise the layout, which can take some tmie

Thanks Docchris - it may have been a combination of #1 and #3, activity seems to have slowed down (but not stopped), appreciate the help.

Glad to help :slight_smile: