New Drobo S, noisy fan

I’ve recently upgraded from a 2nd Gen Drobo to a Drobo S. Most of the time its a fairly quiet unit, but when the fan does come on, its a lot more noisy than the 2nd Gen on. The tone of it is almost a bit “rattly” sounding, as if there’s something a bit loose. Applying pressure to different parts of the grille on the back of the unit seems to stop the noise.

I’m wondering if there’s anything in there which I can tighten myself or is it a sealed unit which means I’m just going to have to report it as a fault and look for a new one from Amazon? Given its brand new I’ve resisted the urge to start poking around inside it, but wanted to check and see if this is a known fault perhaps?


its a sealed unit im afraid

Also check the front cover - sometimes my front cover vibrates.

Turns out it was the fan after all rather than the front cover. Amazon shipped a replacement out for next day delivery and this one doesn’t have the same fault.

Thanks for the info though, thought it was worth asking before getting a new unit sent out needlessly.

glad to hear you got it replaced so quickly