New Drobo, iMovie import failure

I just hooked up my new gen 2 drobo, 2 1.5 TB green WD drives (WD15EADS), firmware latest, etc.

MacBook Pro 17, FW800 connection to Drobo (cable supplied w/Drobo), FW400 connection to Canon 8mm VDR.

iMovie 9, latest version.

Copying hi-8mm video to drobo will cause drobo to reset (all red lights), unmount, then remount. Needless to say this causes movie import to barf.

Same import to internal drive of Macbook, no issues.


Fluke? Known issue?

I bought Drobo for that warm and fuzzy feeling of “my data is protected”, don’t have that feeling yet especially when writing to my internal drive is fine and to the new Drobo causes a failure?

What happens when you move the same file from your Mac to your Drobo? (Instead of the VDR to the drobo.)

I am currently running the following tests of my Drobo b/c of this, your suggestion should be covered by a)

a) large file copies (>1GB)
b) large number of file copies (> 1 million files random sized none > 100MB)

I will post to this thread with results.

Thanks for the quick reply,


My basic tests all worked, and I have copied about 300GB or real data to the drobo, no issues.

The iMovie issue never resolved, still causes complete Drobo reset, but whatever, I am copying data from this very old video camera (zd40) so must somehow be related to that.

What are you using to capture the video? If you are using a Firewire capture device on the same Firewire bus as the Drobo, two things will happen:

  1. The Firewire bus will clock down to S100, S200 or S400 speed (depends on the device)
    This is a limitation of the Firewire architecture - it’s a repeater-based architecture, so it will throttle down to the slowest device speed.
  2. The Firewire capture device will hog 25 Mbps of constant traffic (~3.2 MB/sec), which can interrupt the stream to/from the Drobo.

Plus, since you’re using the Drobo as storage, you have at least 50 Mbps total going on the Firewire bus. It’s likely a matter of burst and flow, unless the Drobo is completely resetting itself (ie, the blue capacity lights go off, then it goes through the green/red drive bay lights) - in that case definitely open a support ticket because there might be a hardware issue there.