New Drobo-FS : Very loud vibrations

Hello all,

I have owned a first gen Drobo since 2008.

I just received my brand new Drobo-FS 3 days ago.

I am in the process of copying a very large amount of data from my first Drobo to my new Drobo-FS.

Hard Drive noise does not bother me because I am used to it from my first Drobo when the drives mirror each other and index.

But this new Drobo-FS vibrates really bad and is very loud when it does so.

If I take my hand and push down on the top of the Drobo-FS, I can make the vibration stop (and only hear the hard drives grinding away which is fine).

But as soon as I remove my hand, the vibration comes back (the vibration is coming from the Drobo-FS metal casing which is caused from the drives as they mirror/index).

Do you guys have this same problem as well? I don’t want to put my Drobo somewhere else in my room. It looks so sexy on my desk, but the vibration and vibration hum is driving me nuts. And I also don’t want to put a paper weight on top of the Drobo-FS to stop the vibration hum/noise.

Are you guys have the same issue with your Drobo-FS when it is close to you? It is a very distinct sound and different than the hard drive sound. It is like a very loud hum and can be easily stopped by pressing down on the top of the Drobo-FS.


I have a Drobo-fs and can barely hear it running. No hum or vibration . When the drives are copying i can hear the heads moving but that’s about it …It has 5 Hd’s

What kind of drives did you put in to it, I’ve got 2x WD Black 2TB and 3x WD Black 1TB, there is very little vibration from them.

I also have a similar arrangement:

2 - 1TB WD ears green drives
1 - 1TB WD black drive
1 - 2TB WD green and
1 - 2TB Seagate(new lp version)

Same here…zero vibration & quiet drives, HDDs listed in sig. Drobo FS & drives have been about 4 weeks in operation with no problems.

fraXis, my FS is exactly the same as your loud vibrating till you press on it.

hi, get some metal topped, cork (softer) base drink mats and put one under each rubber foot.
i had something similar for my drobo v1 and v2 and now they hardly make a sound.

My Drobo doesn’t vibrate, but the fan is definitely louder than I’d like. Applying pressure doesn’t make any difference.