New Drobo for Small Office


Just wanted to ask you guys a couple questions.

I’m hoping to install a Drobo unit for a small business that my family runs. It’s a 6-10 computer system. Main Mac’s with a couple PC’s mixed in. We currently have the file server on an old Mac Mini but it’s a nightmare with permissions, not being able to open office documents on certain computers a a slew of other issues.

From experience is the drobo a somewhat seemless system when it comes to this sort of a setup? Mostly people opening up office documents, pdf’s etc and editing them?

Many thanks,


hi basstrax,
well done for a family business :slight_smile: (sounds music related?)

do you have any more info about the problems you are encountering with the documents?
as far as i know, sharing and accessing and editing documents with multiple people, always has a bucket of potential problems, regardless of whether it is hosted on a computer, a server or a drobo…

i think if you can list down some more of the “problem” areas that you are trying to address, we can better see if we can find a best-fit for you.

eg, i found lots of benefits in using a drobo, and i currently have 3 myself :slight_smile:
(it would have been 4 if they allowed the Loyalty discount offer for UK people, but unfortunately it seems not)