New Drobo Dashboard?

From the looks of Drobo’s website, there is a new dashboard. Is this available for existing devices?


Yes, that’s Dashboard 2.0 and should be released this week. In fact, Tuesday if on schedule. However, 2.0 is for the new devices such as B800i, B800fs and B1200i (June/July … X’mas?) but looks like we have to wait awhile like the 3TB support for the slghtly older models.

Can moderator confirm my speculations, rumors or wishful thinkings?

The new Dashboard will work for all Drobo units. The firmware release for 3 TB has been moved back to second quarter.

Tks Kurt! Is the new Dashboard right on schedule? This week or next! TIA


I have not heard about a release date for Dashboard 2.0. Where did you find the release data for Tuesday?

Never mind! We’re not in a hurry and too busy to play w/ 2.0 anyway. Tks for the confirmation!

I just got a Drobo FS and I’m loving it. The exact device I have been looking for for years. The new Dasboard looks slick too. Hopefully it will be out soon. Thanks.

I just came here wondering about the same thing.
Hope it comes to the Drobo FS model because that new UI looks really good!

Any news when 2.0 will be out? I’m having some problems with 1.7.3 and 1.8.3… not sure if its just dashboard related but still.

3 weeks and no update?

I went back to 1.6.8. Works OK.
Drobo was acting strange, not waking up form sleep. All i change was Dashboard.

New dashboard has been released, along with Firmware 1.1.2 for FS. They haven’t put the new Dashboard available for FS, but it works just fine for it.

looks like the 1000 popupwindows has been consolidated into one, good!

Anybody tried it on Drobo v2?


… ive tried it now. why do we need this fancy graphics on a server? ok running this on a desktop, but most servers are administrated remotly, i somtimes do stuff from my phone… i find the interface quite slow. any other thoughts? I must say, i love the way the tooltip looks, its kinda cute. =)

Maybe they should include the option to revert back to ‘old’ look.
I really wonder if it will run OK. I had issues with 1.7.3 and 1.8.3 on OS X 10.6.6. I’m back to Dashboard 1.6.8 and OS X 10.6.7. Drobo is working great.


i think they should throw this interface all together, its not the looks but rather the functionallity of it. it requres mouse interactions, having to move a mouse around to click on something that says “ok”, why not just hit enter?

Ahhh that bad…
I’m OK with our server… :slight_smile:

Running Server 10.4.11:

also, when you open up this gui it drains all it can from one of the cores on my machine, everything it can just have it open… i guess this is one of the reasons it looks kinda slow. enough complaining now, ill stick to the old one with the 1000 windows untill this version is fixed.

I went back to 1.8.3 becos 2.0 only detected my DroboS but not my Elite & Pro. Further, 2.0 is a resource hog causing all my apps responded slowly. Once uninstalled & went back 1.8.x, things back to normal. Btw, I’m using Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise running on an HP i5 notebook w/ 8GB, 500GB HDD. That’s one of our demo units.