New Drobo dashboard doesn't recognise drive

Looks like a new Drobo dashboard 2.6.4 just came out, and it doesn’t recognise my USB attached Drobo pros. Tried rebooting a few times and that fixes it… temporarily, and then the problem comes back again. Seems like the latest dashboard is buggy. Anyone else having this problem?

2.6.4 is broken. Roll back to 2.6.3.

Check out the ‘drobo dashboard’ thread for more user feedback.

Can someone direct me to a link to allow me to download 2.6.3? I faithfully downloaded 2.6.4 when it was suggested by DataRobotics and now both of may Gen 2 Drobos are not recognized on my dashboard (only the 5D). Technical support tells me that they can’t give me 2.6.3 (they tell me they don’t have it?!) which makes no sense to me. If anybody has a link I would be very grateful.

Thanks, Dave