New Drobo Dashboard 2.0.0

Anyone test this on the FS or ProFS?

I’ve tried it on my Drobo FS and it worked just fine. Also updated the firmware of my Drobo FS through it without issues.

I’ve tried it but I can’t seem to get the Tools option to appear. It’s greyed out.

Login as the Admin, you should see the Tools Option availabel

Does the 2.0 version of the dashboard work with the older Drobo’s? I have a DroboPro and an older 1st Gen Drobo. On the support page it seems that the new dashboard only works with the new “business” models.

Chad, it works on Drobo V2. No new features, just different cosmetics. There is a recent thread discussing this. It is not officially supported on Drobo V2 though (and you know that).

I don’t understand why DR would release a new dashboard software without new features. Just cosmetics? That’s very disappointing. I’m happy with the old drobo dashboard being snappy and simple. But, any improvement on driver stability (for iSCSI or FW) or extra information on the Drobo machine (drive temp., fan speed, etc.) for a new pro dashboard will be a big plus.

If it is only cosmetic I am not interested in upgrading (if it’s not broke…). I was hoping the new dashboard would be able to pull drive make, model, and serial. I hate not knowing what drives are in my Drobos

You know, you could just shut it down and pull the drives and make a list :slight_smile:

Do a search here on “php” if you have a mac, and “Ruby” if you have Windows. That will tell you how to read the logs. The drive model and serial# are included.

It’s working just fine on my first gen, but apart from being big and confusing to operate I can’t find any feature improvements, in fact there is one reduction that I have noticed. The Mac menu bar icon used to show a pie chart of space utilization, whereas this one just shows a black square with two white dots lower right.

It also STILL shows the dock icon as well as the menu bar icon, with no obvious preference to get rid of the dock icon. If you close Dashboard, it leaves the menu item there, but it’s not obvious whether you will get alerts if something goes wrong. DDServiced and something called DDAssist are left running, but I’m not sure what they are doing. I’m not about to yank a drive just to experiment…

I missed the Pie Chart on the Systray icon on the Windows version too. The new icon is more graphically snazzy but less informative. The icon may have the blue capacity indicators (1-10 blue dots). But I wasn’t sure because it’s so tiny and my close vision is not the best. Someone with younger eyes might be able to confirm that, or determine I was seeing things :slight_smile:

This is a rampant issue, and getting worse. Trying to find technical specifications, and common basis for comparison is getting scarcer.

All you see these days is marketing hype… Bigger, better, new, hyper performance, enhanced, faster, sharp, stunning, large, super, proprietary, compatible (with no reference), professional, more sensitive, high-performance, advanced, state of the art . . . et al.

But no figures! Go figure .

Has anyone gotten 2.0.0 to display older units connected to a Droboshare? I have an FS which shows up in Dashboard 2.0.0 just fine, but the V2 and V1 that I have attached to a Droboshare are nowhere to be found.

I am, however, still able to connect to the Droboshare and attached Drobos via the finder with no problem.

I think many had said the new Dahsboard 2.0 is only meant for the new enterprise type expensive drobos. It will read work with the Drobo S, but it’s not even officially supported, save for the first generation drobos…

Thank you for the response, hh83917. I had seen Drobo’s announcement of Dashboard 2.0.0 and the units that it supported, but it was the fact that the Drobo S was showing up for some users that gave me false hope the units attached to the Droboshare might also appear. As such, I’ve downgraded to 1.8.4 and that’ll certainly do, since the 2.0.0 version is just a snazzy cosmetic upgrade.

Thanks again,


Anyone having the issue where email notifications no longer seem to work?

The settings that I’m using for gmail were working under the previous version of dashboard, but no longer validate when sending a test email now.

I’ve tried port 25, 465, and 587 via smtp.gmail.com

I’m having the same issues. Let me know if you figure anything out. I’ll return the favor.

[quote=“Spiney, post:10, topic:2466”]The Mac menu bar icon used to show a pie chart of space utilization, whereas this one just shows a black square with two white dots lower right.

It also STILL shows the dock icon as well as the menu bar icon, with no obvious preference to get rid of the dock icon.[/quote]

Also, in previous versions, when you disabled the menu bar icon the dock icon would change to a pie chart.

This feature has also been removed.

My major issue is that PPC is no longer supported and theres no mention of it in the readme or on install. Pretty stupid mistake Data Robotics. Sure PPC is out dated but not mentioning support being dropped means I’ve now got to uninstall and reinstall the old dash.[hr]
Oh, and theres no download link to the old dash. Good job. Now my iSCSI connected Pro is MIA until I lodge a support ticket and get the old dash sent to me.

Lotech, I agree with your points.

Dashboard 1.8.4 for OS X: http://www.datarobotics.com/support/updates/dashboard/drobodashboardinstaller_1.8.4.dmg
Dashboard 2.0.0 for Windows: http://www.datarobotics.com/support/updates/dashboard/drobodashboardinstaller_2.0.0.exe
Dashboard 2.0.0 for OS X: http://www.datarobotics.com/support/updates/dashboard/drobodashboardinstaller_2.0.0.dmg