New Drobo 5D misbehaving?

I’m trying to copy a volume on my Drobo V2 to my newly installed Drobo 5D and I’m getting some bizarre errors.

Because the copy will take days, I chose to use SyncBackPro to backup my Drobo V2 volume (F:\ ) onto the Drobo 5D (N:). This way, if my system reboots, I can just run the backup again, and it will fill in anything which the previous backup missed because of the re-boot.

When I started the first backup (and it is still running, a day later) the Drobo 5D was empty. So, all the backup has to do is replicate the directory structure, and copy the files.

However, SyncBackPro is reporting tens of thousands of errors. It is trying to create directory names identical to what’s already on drive N: …
It is as if SyncBackPro moves from file to file, and for each file, it checks if the directory exists. I suspect that the Drobo 5D is occasionally saying that an existing directory does NOT exist. So then SyncBackPro tries to create the directory, but this gets rejected.

Is this plausible?

One other symptom of something amiss with the 5D: about an hour ago, my Windows system reported that “Drive N: must be formatted before Windows can use it”. Yet windows Explorer shows an extensive filesystem, and one which is still growing (as my backup proceeds).

I moved the Drobo 5D USB3 cable from the ports on the front of my PC to those on the back, and the problem seems to have gone away (but see ).

The rear USB3 ports are direct motherboard ports. I suspect that the front ports are effectively on a hub. Is there a simple explanation why connecting via a hub should make any difference? Perhaps a timing issue. I have a couple of USB3 IcyBox caddies with Seagate 2Tb drives in them, connected via a USB3 hub, and they’ve never been a problem.

5d is the worst piece of pc related equiptment I have ever come across mine has never connected not even once correctly then been used then shut down afterwards I have had a support question open more than 4 months now still no real answers all thats really been suggested as a fix is check the drivers multiple diag files repeated questions I have already answered when it comes to windows 7 64 bit & usb3 drobo 5d just plain don’t work believe me you are not the only one pulling your hair out having purchased the expensive piece of junk

From right back when i bought my Drobo v1 and got one of the first units in the country, they have always advised plugging Drobos directly into the motherboard if possible and not using any hubs/repeaters/extensions.

It may just be that the extension of the motherboards headers inside your machine to the front ports introduce an unacceptable amount of noise?