New Drobo 5c not formatting drives

I just hooked up a new Drobo 5c today with new drives, and they will not format, not matter how many times I try.


Same problem for me. My new Drobo 5c can not format my two discs (WD red NAS, 4TB). I am on MAC OS 10.15 Catalina.
Have you solved your problem? If yes, how?
Thank you

Hi, my 5D3 failed to format. It created the partition succesfully, and I then formatted using disk utility within catalina. ive no idea if this is safe/the correct way, but so far it seems to have worked.

I had this problem as well. For me, it was that the Drobo Dashboard didn’t have permission to access the file systems.

Go to: System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy. Click the Unlock button. Select Full Disk Access on the Left and Select DDService64d on the right.

I was able to format after this change. Hope this helps you.


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