New drives keep getting marked as bad!

I have now gone through 4 hard drives. Everything was working great for the last while and I heard a drive dying in slot 1. Sure enough, Drobo flagged it and I quickly got it replaced. The data protection went into action balancing out the data and as soon as it finished, it flagged another drive (in slot 2) as dead. Again, I replaced it, and again like the previous time, as soon as the data protection finished and all lights were green it then flagged a 3rd drive (in slot 1) as dead – this is a drive I just replaced. So, again, a new drive and AGAIN as soon as it finished, slot 2 is flagged as dead with a blinking red light! I can’t keep feeding this thing drives. I already feel like it’s not the drives, but now must wait on support (if they will even help me with my out of warranty product).

Anyone else have this happen? I know once a drive is flagged as bad it will never accept it again, so this is getting very expensive and really killing my trust of the product. What can I do?

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I have exactly the same problem. Drobo destroyed two drives and a new one is marked in Red but it says it’s Healed. But drobo mounts and unmount and have not been able to use it. My Drobo is also out of warranty and Drobo help referred me to the blogs and forums unless I pay for email support, which doesn’t guarantee I find the fix.