New Drive added show as Unallocated Space - no usable volume

I added a 3rd new drive (2TB WD Sata ii) to Drobo S
But then the New Drive added show as Unallocated Space in the Drobo Dashboard, but it not usable space. When I plugged the drive Drobo did not alert me to create a new volume! I was not told that this would happen. And its not mentioned in the videos and other places. The Drobo is formatted as 2TB per volume for XP support. Firmware version is latest 2.0.1[5.16.25978]

Anybody else have this problem? What’s the solution for this. Please, if anybody can help me on this …
thanks guys…

yes it should have automatically created a new volume

i’ve only owned a standard drobo and a drobopro but if the S support slim provisioning and you have opted to manually manage your volumes - then it is up to you to create a new volume

first thing i would do if i were you is to restart the drobo (when it boots it may notice the additional space and prompt you to create a volume

if not then under volume management - can you opt to create a new volume? if so then just do that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Docchris,

I have done what you told me but still its not working. the volume management doesnt let me create a new volume too. There is also no
way to resize the volume. I checked the windows disk management at control panel, and I do not see any RAW partition available detected. Its the same old one. and so I am left with just the same Non Usable ‘unallocated’ space in the drobo dashboard.


i searched google and i think this guy has the same problem

No, that guy is an idiot who doesn’t understand how drobo works. (he obviously can’t even read theknowldge base article he linked to)

When you have more space that your volume size, it should automatically create additional volumes.

Contact support

Yes thanks,
I will try to contact support.

Are you connected via USB, FW or eSATA?

If not connected by USB, I would recommend shutting down the S, move to USB and reboot the Drobo. Should be prompted to format new volume.