New Dashboard doesn't find Drobo-FS

My dashboard told me there was an update. It installed iSCSI and the dashboard. From there on it would not find the Drobo-FS and when I open ‘My Computer’ it just hangs without show any drives at all! Tried a system restore but it could not go back for some reason. Un-installed dashboard and tried to un-install iSCSI but it would not un-install. System is F&*(ed.

Can’t even browse to my USB drive to restore a backup!
Thanks for any help!

Ah, re-installed without installing the iSCSI thingy…(Didn’t read the box saying it was for pro). Dashboard came right up!

I am in the same boat. Can’t manually map network drive, either. Stuck and it sucks. Was working just fine before this latest update.

Well, as I said above, my solution was to un-install everything including the Microsoft iSCSI then just re-installed the dashboard. Everything is running now.

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