New dashboard can't see drives in original Drobo

New dashboard (2.0.3) with original Drobo…seems to be behaving ok, but I can’t actually see my drives inside the Drobo. Size reports ok.

Anyone else having this problem?

i would expect there may be some issues since your drobo is not supported by that version of dashboard

there is already a thread regarding people using that dashboard with that drobo, you would be better off looking there:

I’m running Dashboard 1.8.4 on WinXP with a Drobo v2. In the past day or two, it started suggesting I update to the newer version 2.0.3.

This doesn’t add up.

Edit: I mistakenly thought Dashboard 2.0.3 doesn’t support Drobo v2. It does.

why does that not add up?

Nice. It prompted me to update…so I did. Sigh.

you can easily downgrade

Yeah…but the new dashboard looks so nice… :slight_smile:

Less so if you happen to live in a country where the decimal comma is used instead of a point and have one or more drives with a “fratcional” terabyte-order size, like 1.5TB. Then, on Windows, the Dashboard ignores the decimal part and displays it as a 1TB. I’ve identified and reported the bug long time ago but DRI doesn’t seem to care much. I understand there are worse bugs to fix, like the totally broken Drobo Copy on W7 x64, but wait… they’re not doing anything about it either… Oh well…