New chkdsk in Windows 8


Just moved to Windows 8 on my laptop. They seem to have revamped chkdsk completely, adding new smarter algorithms like in-place repair, meaning it doesn’t have to take your Drobo drive offline for the whole duration of the scan. Good news is that it finally completes properly on my system without the infamous “chkdsk limbo” discussed here extensively. My scans resulted in no errors but let’s hope it completes properly in case of actual error fixing, too.

Please note however, that if you use the commandline version, you have to use new switches for the new features. If you go with the old “/f”, it’ll use the “legacy” mode (albeit apparently modified a little as well).

The new switches (“chkdsk /?”) are:

/scan NTFS only: Runs a online scan on the volume /forceofflinefix NTFS only: (Must be used with "/scan") Bypass all online repair; all defects found are queued for offline repair (i.e. "chkdsk /spotfix"). /perf NTFS only: (Must be used with "/scan") Uses more system resources to complete a scan as fast as possible. This may have a negative performance impact on other tasks running on the system. /spotfix NTFS only: Runs spot fixing on the volume /sdcleanup NTFS only: Garbage collect unneeded security descriptor data (implies /F). /offlinescanandfix Runs an offline scan and fix on the volume.

I’ve used “/scan” which, if I understood it correctly, creates a VSS snapshot first which it then examines (using what seems a completely different algorithm and status messages) without taking your Drobo offline (you can still use it all the time). My scan completed without errors but, if I got it right, in case of an error it would try to fix it “in-place”, presumably employing some smart combination of VSS and/or locking only the affected part of the filesystem.

Feel free to share your experiences and observations.

Hasn’t been updated in a while, but I would be aware of this when using the /scan switch.

Good point, definitely worth keeping in mind. But while I personally had various problems with VSS on Drobo (using Mozy’s option to back up open files specifically) in the past, chkdsk seems to work perfectly fine for me. Also, I’m no longer sure if I actually read it uses VSS or was it just my assumption on how they implemented the online scan.

hi zbig, some programs lock files so nothing else can modify (or even read them)
even if you try to open it in notepad etc

also some programs will modify files even when you’re not expecting it.
eg have you ever tried playing some mp3’s in windows media player?
(check the last modified date and you might find a lot of recent dates)

maybe if you were backing up your data, (and having a large playlist loaded up) it might have modified the files after the initial scans and vss got confused)?

for mozy, ive used that without issues but most of my backups are done when not in use.
(only problem i had in the past was a particular version of the background service and a windows delayed write failure popup, but that’s fixed now)

mgriffin, its good to know that win8 had the original chkdsk option too.
its always daunting when you have an existing filesystem (and filesystem checker) when we (eventually) get forced to upgrade to newer and better (which in truth, newer isnt always better) :slight_smile:

Hi Paul

Yes, that is especially the case with databases (like Outlook one) to avoid a risk of data corruption by external modifications.

Oh, that’s because of the default WMP configuration which allows it to pull info on your music off the internet and complete/modify its ID3 tags as it pleases. It’s always the first (and only) option I modify when running WMP for the first time.

Thanks Paul, but I don’t experience any issues with backups now. I’ve switched to Crashplan anyway as it suits my needs so much better than Mozy. This was only to confirm mgriffin’s warning about VSS problems while using Drobo in general.

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oh ok great :slight_smile:

It’s very confusing whether Volume Shadow Copy still exists in Windows 8…

Shadow Copies for the purposes of creating backups and filesystem checks seems okay, but I agree with Drobo’s KB assessment that VSS is “not supported” as it relies on persistence data in deleted blocks.

Given that persistence of data in deleted blocks becomes fuzzy in the SSD world, I understand Microsoft’s move toward a file-based system in File History rather than a block-based system in VSS.

For Chkdsk’s purposes, whatever method the online scan uses would be similar to delayed writes - it would cache the pending operations (and make them available to the live system) while the scan is going. Not sure what happens when something actually needs a repair though…

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