New build of Transmission

Hi all!

I’ve had a Drobo FS for about 10 years and have just recently upgraded to a Drobo 5N2. On my Drobo FS, I was running Transmission 2.92. The version of Transmission that gets installed on my 5N2 via DroboApps is 2.84, which is quite old and subject to some pretty serious vulnerabilities.

Now, I’ve compiled a version of Transmission 2.92 using my drobo cross-compiling machine that I’ve updated with the 5N toolchain (it seems to be the same as the 5N2). See here for details:

And here for the 2.92 source:

However, in my Drobo Dashboard, it keeps telling me that Transmission is out-of-date and needs an upgrade. When I upgrade it, it reverts back to version 2.84. Is there any plan to create an official version of the 2.92 build (or better yet, the latest release)? If not, is there any way to disable the upgrade notification for Transmission (I’d like to continue to be alerted to upgrades for other apps)?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Also, if anyone would like to try out the latest binary for Transmission 2.92 on 5N/5N2, I’ve put it here:

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to set up a cross-compiling machine per the instructions above as many of the links are now dead, so I compiled it myself, using my existing machine.