New Big Sur TimeMachine installations won't work with Drobo

A longstanding installation of TimeMachine was working with Big Sur 11.2.1 on my Drobo 5C except I could no longer delete files from within TimeMachine (the Delete option is no longer visible). Is this expected behavior, please?

So, I deleted and reinstalled Time Machine, unfortunately, Big Sur/TimeMachine formatted my 5C drives as APFS and two of the four WD Red disks gave a “failed” message in the dashboard. The dashboard version is 3.5.2 [115659].

So, I reset my 5C and reformatted the four WD disks, including the two “failed” ones and so far everything seems OK.

I have had to stop using TimeMachine for the present and am using Carbon Copy Cloner instead. I do understand that Drobo has said that APFS is not currently supported by Drobo but feel that they also should have included the statement that new installations of TimeMachine are not imported.

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Are you talking about the "delete all backups of “xyz”?
Sometimes TimeMachine from my observations can be buggy and doesn’t always display that option. I tested just now and first time it didn’t show. Then closed out and tried again with that feature available. I’m running 11.1 Big Sur though

Yes that’s right.

As I can’t delete files every time I try, it looks to me like manual file deletion within a time machine backup is no longer an option with big sur. I’m puzzled as to why you can sometimes do it?

I just hope that when my USB external hard drive gets filled up that time machine will still automatically delete the oldest backup files to make room. Does anybody know if this will still happen, please?

Also, NEW time machine installations can’t be set up on Drobos when you are using big sur as they require APFS formats, which Drobos don’t support.