New Apple Mac M1

Update 02/26/2021
Dashboard v3.6.1 for Thunderbolt (and USB) support is now available, see the following for download instructions:

New Mac M1

We are in the process of securing the M1 Mac’s for test.

We will post another update once we have completed our testing.

For reference, you should be on latest Firmware and Dashboard:


Don’t wish to sound off hand. But why would you be having to ‘secure’ a M1 unit to test your product? Devs have had test unit in their hands for several weeks, and you have to ‘secure’ a unit which means you’ve had to go purchase one from the local Apply store? :frowning:


What can I do to be warned of the availability of this update?
(I say, other than visiting this forum every day :thinking: )

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pray. i made the mistake of updating and upgrading without looking here first. now i have a 5D3 that is useless.

any updates from anyone @ drobo with the use on M1?

We just got our Apple M1 Mac’s in our engineering labs and we have already started testing. So what does this mean for you.

Nothing just yet… if you have an Intel based Apple computer everything remains the same. If you have ordered or are planning on ordering a new M1 based Mac, we ask that you simply hold on to your existing intel based Mac, to maintain full access to your data as we continue with our testing of the M1 platform.

We will keep you informed on our progress please stay tuned to our social media for updates.


The updated Dashboard version for Thunderbolt (and USB) support is now available.

Please see the following knowledge base article for download information:

New Mac M1

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