New Apple Mac M1 (bis)

So, the original post was closed…
But the problem isn’t solved.

When will aa Apple Silicon’s compatible firmware be available?

Like a book, or a work of art “When it’s ready”.
They are working on M1 compatibility, though you’d actually have no recourse if they were not, it was you who bought a new & radically different machine without first checking your storage unit was compatible.

I’ll add, there’s no guarantee they’ll pull compatibility off at all if they hit some major snag, & the answer might end up being “when a new product line comes out”, or even never. I suspect they’ll manage compatibility, but how long converting much code from one processor type to another takes is imponderable.

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Thank you, I appreciate your constructive answer
I had to change my machine because the other one died, but you’re right, it’s my responsability…
I made a bad choice when I bought a Drobo. It seems that no other drive or NAS system didn’t have (or no longer have) problem with Apple Silicon.
I didn’t see the lack of professionalism of this company, my fault!

Actually if you do a search there are a number of other vendors products that have issues.

If you want guaranteed compatibility with Apple products though, your best course is to get all your hardware at the Apple store, regardless that it’s overpriced. Third party compatibility is often delayed.

There’s an interesting discussion to be had about lack of professionalism, & if the one showing it is the one who broke backwards compatibility with previous products in the first place (Apple), or the third party who lacks a magic want to fix that instantly for early adopters (Drobo).

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Try to reach out to Drobo. They’ve been helpful and responsive with 3.6.0 build of Dashboard. Only USB, no TB3 support yet, but at least you have access to your data and can move it to another drive if need be for work.

Where can we get the 3.6.0 Dashboard ? I have a Drobo 5C with USB C cannot move files off to another drive. Tried also all the sugested fixes for the unmounting every few minutes with no sucess


no issues with M1/BigSur 11.2.x and no added software needed to use 5c as removable drive.

not sure why some go on about Apple this and Apple that, if you don’t care about Apple products complaining about them doesn’t add much to the conversation…

We have updated the following knowledge base article, Dashboard v3.6.1 for Thunderbolt (and USB) support is now available.

New Mac M1