New 3TB disk reading as only 1TB disk

4 days ago, I swapped in a new 3TB WD Red drive for an older 1TB drive in a full Gen 2 Drobo S. Dashboard is showing as if we never put the new drive into the device. I don’t see any Knowledge Base articles to trouble shoot this, so I am hoping you may have some ideas.


1TB disk (yellow) is actually where the new 3TB disk is, which replaced a 1TB disk. The top disk is an older 3TB disk. If it were reading correctly, it would show 3, 3, 1, 2, 2. When I place this config in capacity calculator, it shows the storage going up to 7.26TB (Versus the 5.4TB which the Dashboard is currently showing me).

Any ideas? Thank you.

hi can i check if your drobo was powered on and running, when you first ejected the older 1TB from the 2nd visible slot, and also when you put the new 3TB replacement inside?
(it sounds like it was but just wanted to check)

it looks like your drobo is using single SDR drive redundancy, as the numbers seems to add up if that new 3TB was a 1TB… can i also check if you saw any rebuilding taking place, such as flashing green and yellow lights, and if so, when did it happen, and for approximately how long?

usually, when an older drive is removed, the unit and dashboard should shortly afterwards, recognise the action, and then when a replacement upgrade drive is put in, it should shortly afterwards, recognise the action, and then start reuilding for approximately 1day per 1TB of data that you have.

can you have a look at the pysical unit too, just to see if that shows you anything different, and if you also try exiting dashboard completely, and then re-launching dashboard, does it still look the same as before?

(btw thanks for the screenshot, if you can it is usually good to rub out any sensitive/serial numbers to play safe though)[hr]
(also just as a question… was the 3TB definitely the one that was put back inside?)