New 2TB Western Digital Firmware: 00S2B0

Hey there, I know Drobo don’t generally ‘qualify’ drives as most hard drives work but I noticed that Drobo specifically qualify the Western Digital 2 TB Green drives in their knowledge base. Model: WD20EADS with firmware: 00R6B0.

I just got two WD 2TB drives with one in my Drobo as I type relaying out. But noticed that though my drive is the same model (WD20EADS) my firmware is different, being 00S2B0.

I’m presuming that this is pretty new as a google search turned up hardly anything. But with Drobo explicitly qualifying the other firmware. Should I be worried about using them?

Interestingly - I’ve noticed my Drobo has been rebooting on and off all day. I’ve been accessing the date on it no problem through the Droboshare but have noticed it mounting and un-mounting itself on the desktop. Is it normal for the Drobo to reboot during a long re-layout of data? (replacing a 1TB drive with a 2TB, estimated 16hrs time till finished)

It was rock solid previously with my 2x1TB samsung / 2x1TB Western Digital Caviar drives. It was the samsung drives I was replacing with WD 2TB ones, I hope this doesn’t mean there are going to be problems? :confused:

Update: As I suspected once the data relayout finished this morning - everything went back to normal.
I have just swapped out my remaining top 1TB Samsung drive with the newer 2TB WD Green drive and everything is working fine. I can access my data during the relayout as advertised.

I’m beginning to suspect it was just an odd quirk of the Samsung drive. As today swapping out the 1TB for a 2TB is estimating 6hrs to finish relaying out the data whereas yesterday the same process took about 22hrs, almost 4 times as long.

Phew, i just saw this “older” post :slight_smile:

and just checked my 7x new WD15EADS drives, and their firmware is 00R6B0
(i hope they are also qualified :slight_smile:

Wow. I had forgotten all about this. Hope everything works well Paul :slight_smile:

thanks, me too :slight_smile:
(heh, all these WD drives, actually were shipped in foam/plastic Seagate packaging LOL)