Never mind: GEN 2 & Apple Tiime Machine Issue

Please see Update #2 below…

I have a Drobo GEN 2 with 4 3TB hard drives that I’ve connected to my iMac to use as my primary Apple Time Machine backup device, and Time Machine has been backing files up for 6 months or so now.

But I noticed recently when trying to navigate through the Time Machine interface that I can’t go back in time. Time Machine only lets me access the most recent backup.

Is this a known issue with Time Machine and a Drobo GEN 2?

If so, can anyone recommend a backup app that actually works on the GEN 2?

I’m currently running Drobo Dashboard v2.6.4 [72278] and Firmware v1.4.2 [1.254.50341].

Thanks in advance for your help with this issue. _henry

Update #1: I have since noticed that my Time Machine backup from an Apple MacBook Pro to my Drobo GEN 2 works just fine. I can go back in time to access any previous backup. So I guess the problem is more about how my iMac Time Machine backup file is configured. Has anyone else encountered this issue before? I’ll go ahead and search on the Apple Support site, see if I can find any information there, and report back if I figure anything out.

Update #2: I have discovered that when I restart my iMac with the Drobo GEN 2 on, the Drobo mounts as a Time Machine drive w/ the Time Machine icon. In this state, the Time Machine works as it normally should, allowing me to go back into the history of the backups. When I start up my iMac without the Drobo unit powered up, and then plug it in with the Drobo dashboard open, it mounts as a Drobo drive with the Drobo drive icon on the desktop. In this state, Time Machine doesn’t function as it should. Mystery solved. Issue answered – not fixed – but at least I have a work-around.

hi it’s good that you have a work-around,
i was wondering what happens if you try starting up the imac (without dashboard) and then powering up the attached drobo… does it still only show it with the drobo icon drive (and without the deeper time machine functionality)?

maybe connecting first, and then starting dashboard could help?

Hey Paul, thanks for the reply and suggestion.

I did as you suggested (start up the iMac first w/out Dashboard open, then fired up the Drobo GEN 2)…and the Drobo icon appeared on the desktop, Time Machine went into immediate backup mode, and when that was completed I “entered” Time Machine. No luck. Am unable to move back in time using Time Machine.

thanks heakland, i was just wondering if that would make a difference and help in some way…
if another (configured) time machine, on another (different) mac, is able to go back in time (in the context of accessing older backups) :slight_smile: then it looks like the drobo is working ok in that regard.

is there a way to compare the setup of the 2 computer’s time machine configurations, or to perhaps safely create a 2nd set of backups on the imac, which doesnt change or remove any existing one that you have? (as i do not have a mac or time machine, im not sure if that can be done safely etc)

the idea was to see if you can create a fresh different backup set with time machine there, and to see if it gives you any settings or checkboxes or advanced config, that perhaps is only available for new backup sets, and then maybe you could see whether a new backup set, can let you go back in time, using those settings. If it works on the new backup set, then at least it would appear as though the feature works again, and then maybe you could replace the backup set with a fresh one going forward in some way?