Never again a Drobo, Because Drobo is blocking my question!

Hi Support,

I will never buy a Drobo again, because You blockt my post with a simple question until today. And I wrote two e-mails to Your support and get absolut no response. No Service, no Drobo!

I need a little bit help on a legacy Drobo. But You are blocking me in any way. So, I will never buy a Drobo again and I will warn every user to buy a Drobo!

I am very very angry about this! :frowning:


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I must admit the service response is pretty poor
I am trying to buy a 8D and have had no response for 3 weeks

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I had some problems with my old drobo mini. I am a technical person so I searched the web for five days and tried everything they suggested. After I exhausted everything I went to drobo support, throwing myself on their mercy. I explained in detail all that I did and included Drobo Dashboard logs. Their response was

  1. Buy support
  2. Try a google search
  3. Try these dead and misdirected drobo support links.
  4. Reboot everything

So I think I have a valid bug with the Drobo Dashboard and drobo mini, so I am giving up on drobo. I am not going to buy a new drobo unit every 2 years just to get support. With the mini being discontinued and not sold or supported anymore I will just use a seagate external 5tb drive for $100. Drobo is too expensive, too flakey and poorly supported. So I am done with drobo. A good idea a decade ago.

Yes, okay, they want to have some money. I can understand it. But I asked only a simple question in this forum about the battery and they blocked my question – and myself! Why this?!? After this I wrote to the support twice without any response. So I didn’t know that they will get paid for. And with zero response I can only expect paying for more „no response“.

It was my first post ever here, and I don’t know why my question is blocked.

I am unblocked after a few weeks, but my question is blocked until today. Why? I don’t know. :frowning:
This is the reason why I am buying a product from an other company now.

Just reading a few posts here after making my first post on this forum.

I have always been a “promoter” of Drobo’s suggesting them to friends and colleagues in my industry. So imagine my dismay when my 2½ year old (just out of warranty) Drobo suffers a total power failure, and the best tech support can do is suggestion I “Try Selling it for Parts”.

I see I am not the only one having issues with Drobo Support, Sad, I love the products. But it now appears Drobo’s may only have a life span of 2½ to 3 years, after which even Drobo say their Trash!!!

What happened to this great company?

I had the same experience with my 5D dying after just over two years (the power supply was OK but the chassis was dead). To Drobo’s credit, they sent me a new chassis for free which has been working since 2016. Of course in 2018 the power supply died and I ended up buying a new one. Given Drobo’s poor reliability track record I think they should increase their warranty to five years.

I’m not having much luck either; my 5N decided not to mount; tried everything. Bought a 5N2 and migrated from the 5N; new one won’t mount either; followed their instructions exactly and one of the selling points was to be able to do just this!!! Zero response from support for 24 hours now and I am deeply unhappy as I now have two utterly useless Drobos and I am meant to be in support, some support that is!!!