Networking my 5D

Hi All,

First post so go easy, I have a new 5D and there are two of us that need access to it. So we are unplugging the thunderbolt cable from our computers and swopping it around like this. I know the 5N is a network Drobo but we need the speed of thunderbolt. Is there any way we can network the 5D so two apple computers can access the Drobo at the same time?

Thanks Mark

Actually, there should be hardly any difference between USB3.0 and Thunderbolt in this case as Drobo 5D won’t saturate USB3.0 bandwidth. Secondly, once you’ll be accessing Drobo via Gigabit Ethernet, that’ll became your limiting factor right there. I’d say get an Intel NUC to act as a file server (and possibly many other things as a “bonus”) but I’m not sure how attractive this option could seem for a Mac user. Anyway, that’s what I’ve done with my Drobo S.

Hmmm. Via Thunderbolt or other >1Gbps interconnect? Not quite. The best you could do is have a computer serve it over the network, and as Zbig pointed out, you’re then bottlenecked by the network.

However, one possibility is connect it to one computer, let it share it on the “network” and then use Thunderbolt networking from one system to the other. It’s going to be a bit complex to set up, but it might get you what you need.