Netbooting the DroboFS

Does anyone know if I can netboot a DroboFS with a specific firmware using DHCP + TFTP etc.?

Reason is that /mnt/DroboFS is not mounting properly, causing all the volumes to go offline (no SMB/AFP) and disabling the DroboApps (so no ability to SSH into the unit).

I’m hoping that I can netboot, then work out some diagnostics on the /dev/sda1 (/mnt/DroboFS) mount.

I’ve submitted a ticket to Drobo Support (100614-000003) but it seems to be stuck in an escalation process to Tier 2 or 3 for a couple of days!


At this stage I would be happy with any ideas of how to get the data off the disk set.

If you can, I’d definitely get on the phone with DRI before you do anything “off” like that. You want to make sure you don’t void your warranty or make matters worse.

Drobo Support provided an option in the Dashboard to (I’m guessing) force the DroboFS to undertake a file system maintenance (fsck I assume). It’s taking quite a bit of time… I’ll report back here on how it goes. Fingers crossed!

Drobo Support Team’s suggestion worked a treat. I restarted the DroboFS after the repair had completed, and the Shares are now available.

Very good to hear (err, read). :slight_smile: