Needs a web admin interface

I’d really love to see a web interface into the Advanced Controls/Tools instead of having to use an application on my desktop. Surprised with the Drobo being linux based and built-in networking that it doesn’t have one. :frowning:

I’d have to agree. I think this could be very valuable… especially from remote management aspect.

I agree. Considering that Apache already runs on the FS, it should be fairly simple to move most of the admin tool features across to a web app.

I do agree. I must have a windows client to connect to the drobo, I’d prefer to use a web-based client to connect from anywhere.



I leave the dashboard logged in as a normal user (to map my Shares properly), but have to swap back evertime I want to edit something… probably won’t be an issue when I get the setup bedded down though.

+1. A web interface makes great sense — and a native section for managing DroboApps, too!

Def, then the Drobo could be the only appliance on during the day when I’m at work…

With the use of DroboApps, I am already leaving only the DroboFS on when I am not home. Now if only DRI would fix the password problem and make a web interface, then this little NAS will be awsome.

this would be amazing

If I write the code to do it, is someone here willing “pretty-it-up” doing the HTML design and graphics?


DRI have opened this platform up for open development. As owners we are now able to make this happen ourselves.

That would make the drobo even more fantastic.

I moved from Netgear Nas to Drobo and i’m very happy with the Drobo but i do miss the web-interface.

ps. my first post here so hello everyone :slight_smile:

Just like to chime in and say I agree with this thread also. I was all excited to try out the admin util in DroboApps only to find out that it was only a DroboApps admin util. =\

And, like the post above, I’m also new to Drobo land… so hello everyone. =]

no offense against anyone’s programming talents. but if I’m going to have a web interface to admin’ing my drobo, i want it to come directly from data robotics. not so much that i don’t trust you not to put a back door into it, but i want some reliability that it’s coming from the people responsible for the product.

I’d also rather have it built-in as opposed to an app because i don’t use the apps.

I’m up for collaborating on apps with you. PM me if you want to discuss it.

I totally agree. This really needs to be done by DRI, not only for the good reasons listed above, but also in regards to support. DRI won’t support anything they didn’t create and something like this really needs to be covered under that support.

I’ll start by saying that I 100% agree that DRI should do this and support the web admin application.

However at this point, DRI has invested time and money in their current desktop application which originated with their computer attached devices. Most companies don’t throw away that investment and start over, so I personally wouldn’t expect them to do this any time soon especially if it may only work on networked devices.

If there was a community application that could replace the desktop admin tool, then DRI might consider it as a supported replacement if it became cost effective for them to do it. This might be difficult to do, but it’s possible.

So the real question is if you would use it or not if there was a community admin application to replace the desktop admin?

i’m not saying their efforts on the drobo apps are wasted. they’re good apps, and even needed for some functionality like mounting volumes. but the products would be greatly enhanced by a web-based, browser neutral, interface. we already know linux users have to resort to a VM to manage their drobo (ironic, since the drobo is running linux) but i’d love to manage mine, or at least check some status, from my ipad, my iphone, my popcorn hour, or whatever else i feel like surfing over with. i’m actually surprised there aren’t any development efforts in this direction already.

no one said discontinue the desktop apps or throw them away. just as i can manage my drobo from my mac or from my pc, this would be a third option, one open to any platform.

They either need a web app, or fix the desktop app to allow you to manage one of these across the network. (Offer the abbility to enter IP address of the device.). I am trying to manage a couple of these across a corporate network and it cannot be done.

Hi everybody

I totally miss the web interface too. A NAS, yes the Drobo FS is a NAS, without web management interface is not serious.

If there are any plans to develop an “app for that”, let me know.

I would like to contribute.