Need to recover files from 5D3 that has failed

I have a client that had her 5D3 fail and has gotten no support or response from Drobo. She sent me her Drives labeled and ordered but I only have Drobo 5d units. Looking at their site they do not list that as a migratory option.
Is there a way to use the 5D to read the drives and transfer the data to another source or do we need to find a used 5D3 in order to make the transfer since they are discontinued?
Any options there?
Thanks for any input anyone can offer.

So I recently had my 5D fail me and tried to find a similar solution.

From this chart, the only way to simply transfer data to a new Drobo from a 5D3 is to use another 5D3 or move over to the 8D. You cannot go from a 5D3 to a 5D as per the chart.

If someone else can confirm here that my assumption is correct. But how I’m reading the chart that’s how you can safely migrate the data to a new Drobo unit.