Need to re-install previous version of Dashboard

I had trouble accessing my Drobo 5N and noticed a window advising there was an update, version 3.4.2. Foolishly I clicked on it without checking as I would normally do. I used ‘Uninstall’ to remove the older Dashboard and tried to install the new version, only to find it requires Mac OS 10.12 and later, which my Mac won’t run. I am now without Drobo Dashboard and cannot manage to install the older version (3.0.1, I think?) from the Drobo website. Any advice?

I cannot retrieve files at the moment and need to send something to a client first thing in the morning!

Same thing happened to me. Dashboard kept telling me that there is a newer version for our Drobo B800fs although officially the version ended at 2.6.10.

In any case you can download earlier versions of the Dashboard from https://www.drobo.com/drobo-downloads-2/. Once it’s installed disable the check for new versions under Preferences.