Need Suggestion

I am using a firewire attached Drobo for my main photography database using Lightroom.

I just finished copying my entire Drobo to a Drobo FS that is attatched an airport extreme so I have more redundancy.

I am wondering what the best method for updating the FS backup as I work on my main database. I would rather not do a FULL backup everytime I want to backup. I just want to incrementally back up the new stuff to the FS.

I hope this makes sense.


look into rsync, it’s a terminal command that will sync 2 folders, you can make a shortcut, and click when you want to update, or set it to auto run at a certain time once you get it running like you want.

If you want to use rsync on Mac OS X, you’re going to want to compile it by hand to ensure you have patches to cover all of the filesystem metadata that OS X relies on. Don’t worry! There are very well-written instructions here:


I use this to perform rsync backups of my DroboFS data, and it gets everything.

hi heres a couple of posts about photography and lightroom in case it helps:

also, are you mac or pc?