Need Help - File Permissions

Hey guys
I need some help. I was trying to copy a folder from my drobo to my mac. I did get most of them, but a few hundred files didn’t copy over and i got an error saying something like “You only have read access”

I am the only one that uses the drobo, and i am the one that added the files. When i go to my drobo, and I’m logged in as Admin, or my username (these are the only two users on the drobo), if i click on “get Info” from the mac, i can see the permissions of the folder.

The Permissions are

(unknown) Read & Write
(unknown) Read
Everyone Read

If i try to change the permissions, it says

The Operation can’t be completed because you don’t have the necessary permissions.

Please tell me how i can fix these permissions. I have tired to mount the drive with the login of the admin, and myself (both have read/write access)

The usual permissions on a share mounted through Dashboard are:

(unknown) read & write
everyone No Access

So the permissions are definitely changed. I would start by safely restarting the DroboFS from Dashboard and repairing permissions on your Macintosh HD. If this doesn’t help, please open a support ticket.