Need guidance with internet access to 5N

I would like to know first if it is possible to setup a home drobo 5n to be accessed via the internet with my macbook pro.
I am trying to store images on the drobo that I can get to via the internet.

Also I was wondering what would be the best application to manage photos on the drobo and access from the mac?

Thanks for any help possible.

The topic of remote access to an FS/5N has been addressed probably a hundred times in the forums already. As for remote photo management, that depends heavily on what you set up for remote access first.

Can you point me in the direction of a thread discussing this? As for viewing, I would like to access them from all my devices, iphone, macbook and Dell laptop

I’d be interested in an internet access solution too. We have ours setup as a small business SAN and we have some remote users that need access to it (if possible).

I was going to use the Drobo to replace Dropbox.

I didn’t want to use basic FTP as the people accessing the shares are not very IT literate and like a friendly familiar interface. I did set it up with no problems in the end but for a number of other reasons (Lack of app support) we are taking the Drobo offline in favour of a better all round solution). I can share what we did in case its useful. I can definitely say this worked pretty well.

So what I did was got a fixed IP. Setup a VPN (actually had a VPN server built into the router as many do now) and the guys just use the VPN wizard to easily setup access in windows 7 vpn client to access it as a network drive. Works perfectly and just connects as a mapped network drive for them. Not had to think beyond that yet but the same thing will work with any VPN client that supports the same protocols. I am just waiting for the first BYOD request from someone with a Tab or phone but I see on the Android market place that the phones etc support the same VPN standards so I am sure it will be no problem.

If you have a Mac VPN client and a router that can support it you could configure the same thing. (I know little of MAC’s but I guess they support the usual standards for VPN)