Need advice - Mount failed on Drobo5N

Hey guys,

I’ve got a drobo 5N for at least 5/6 yrs. Everything worked like a charm (mostly), until recently. I’ve 3x6TB and 2x4TB that I bought throughout the years (so not the same brand or batch).

I restarted my drobo, as I do now and then (usually when my plex server is too laggy to work), and upon restart I got a “Mount failed” on my computer dashboard. I did try to contact the official support, but it was not helpful at all (maybe if I pay the Per Incident fee).

After looking over the internet I found some tips that I applied. Basically trying to flash manually the drobo with the latest firmware to make sure the problem was not coming from there, once all the drive have been removed from the drobo (drobo shutdown first of course). Then switching off the drobo, poping back in the drives in their original setting and restarting the drobo. It did not work and I still got the mount failed error.

I then decided to do what is proposed on the official support page in such a case (https://supportportal.drobo.com/retrieve/s3/knowledge/AA/AA-01333.html), which basically ask to do a repair from the dashboard. They say it could take days or even months depending on the quantity of damage and the recovery could be destructive as well. Anyway I started the process and it took… Minutes… No flashing light, nothing (since the begin all the lights of every disk are green)

After that I restarted to drobo but unfortunately the drives failed to mount again. I did try to repair once more, same result.

I’m now thinking that the problem is not located on my drives, as the repair would have taken more time, but either on the drobo boot filesystem or maybe the SSD I added in the bottom slot (if this SSD is used in the launch sequence).

I’m thinking about removing all the drives from the drobo, then resetting the drobo to start fresh (factory reset) and then adding back in all the drives, as I would do on a new Drobo (from an old one). I’m just afraid that if the drives are indeed the problem it could trigger a full format of all my data instead.

What do you guys think? Does anyone got this problem before?