MySQL won’t start after update


I’ve just updated MySQL from Drobo Dashboard, now my Kodi setup can’t find the database.
When I click on the start button on theDashboard, it won’t actually start.
It was installed before it became available as an installable app from Drobo Dasboard.

On the Drobo-5n:8033 I have an interface showing but I can’t login: “connexion to database failed on server”.

I’m really not familiar with MySQL, any help to have it work again would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

I thought log files could help : Drobo Logfiles

Solved with simple uninstall and reinstall from Drobo Dashboard, no data was harmed during the process :wink:

hi gerald, well done for solving the issue.
can i check if it was just kodi that was the app you reinstalled or was it just the mysql app?