MyDrobo Wordpress with Custom Domain


I’m trying to use a custom domain name with my [MyBlog].mydrobo.com wordpress site I’m hosting on my Drobo 5N.

The [MyBlog].mydrobo.com site is accessible (via https and a cert). That’s great. But, I’d really like to use https://[MyBlog].com. I found the port that the Drobo Wordpress app is using, and I can point my browser to it. http://[]:[1234]. Notice this is straight http.

I perform a port forward on my router from port 80 to the address and port [1234].

I subscribe to a service, no-ip, and have my router perform dynamic dns updates, where my registrar is updated to use the no-ip name servers.

This is where it gets interesting. Any traffic sent to http://[MyBlog].com is redirected (301 error, actually) to https://[MyBlog].com

Here’s the first question, how do I determine what SSL port the DroboApps Wordpress app is using, if at all?

Second, can I perform just a CNAME redirect from [MyBlog].com to [MyBlog].mydrobo.com?

I haven’t found much info specific to how to move a [MyBlog].mydrobo.com blog to a custom domain name, like [MyBlog].com

I did this before going Wordpress, to Azure, to custom domain on Azure. That is from [MyBlog].wordpress.com to [MyBlog].azure.com, and ultimately to [MyBlog].com. But that was still being hosted on azure. I want to do the same, but using my own resources (my network, storage, NAS processor, etc) based on the Drobo 5N and the DroboApps Wordpress app.

Has anyone done this before?