MyDrobo, DroboPix, DroboAccess apps: where are they?

Recently received an email about the DroboPix app allowing automatic background copying of photos from iOS to Drobo (I think) when on the local network.
I have a 5N with latest firmware 3.5.11, and DroboDashboard version 2.8.1. The list of apps in DroboDashboard/DroboApps does not contain MyDrobo or related apps, so I don’t see how to install. There are about 15 apps listed, starting with Aria2 and ending with Transmission. I’ve successfully installed other apps before, such as Plex.

Any ideas?

Hello dchernoff,
We do apologize. Would you try uninstalling/reinstalling the Drobo Dashboard as follows:

If the above does not work would you contact our support group at: 1-866-426-4280 and generate a diag for them to review.

To generate Drobo diags, go to Help and Support in Drobo Dashboard and select “Get Diags”.

Thank You.


This fix worked for me :slight_smile:

I originally updated both the firmware and the dashboard board. I didn’t see the updated apps of mydrobo or access. I also uninstalled dashboard and reinstalled with the latest version. Sttill no mydrobo/access apps showing up.

Any help would be appreciated.