I thought I would make use of myDrobo and DroboAcess apps but I am having a few problems.

I have installed both applications and gone into the myDrobo configuration to set it all up…

In the overview the current status states everything is okay.

When I hit the DroboAccess account tab to set it up and then hit register App, I am asked for the public URL, I type that in and hit register, I then get registration failed with an error 4 message?

I have the latest Drobo Dashboard 2.8.1 [80644]
Latest firmware Firmware 3.5.11 [8.90.81921]
The Drobo is registered and I am logged in Admin on the Drobo.

I have uninstalled myDrobo/DroboAcess and reinstalled and still the same.

Any ideas please?

Kind regards


Which version of myDrobo are you running? (Click the “About” button in the configuration window)


Thank you for your reply.

myDrobo version

Update to the OP…

I bought another brand new Drobo 5N yesterday and put it on the network and have exactly the same problem :frowning:


I got word from Drobo that they are aware of the problem and a solution should be coming out in the next hours.

I too have discovered this mysterious “Error 4” as I set up a new 5N. Thank goodness someone posted the query here, because I have not been able to find any mention of it anywhere else online.


A new version of myDrobo is now available: It fixes the error 4 problem.

It does indeed seem to be working now, after updating the MyDrobo software!


That’s brilliant news - thank you for the heads up :slight_smile:

Will update when I get into work.

Thank you for all your help.